Pre-Conference Workshop Day

Tuesday December 10, 2019

Workshop A

Step-by-Step Technology Strategy for Hospitals to Secure Medical Devices
9.00 am – 12.00 pm


This session will explain how to develop “security reference architecture” as foundation for all IoT beginning to pervade hospitals – environmental controls, HVAC, building automation, elevators, cameras, smart
beds, vehicles, etc.

Participants will learn:

  • Administrative and managerial aspects of developing
    a comprehensive medical device security program. Sections will include assessing threats & risk, vendor management, MDS2, procurement, governance, executive education & resources to draw upon.
  • Insight behind the process of building a medical
    device “security reference architecture” that defines the key technology components critical to the operational security of biomedical equipment.
  • Developing the strategy for prioritizing &
    implementing the technologies & processes to create
    a comprehensive medical device security execution &
    operational plan.

Workshop Leader

Caston presenting 15

Caston Thomas 
CEO and President

Workshop B

Cybersecurity & the Future of Remote Patient Monitoring
1.30 pm – 4.30 pm


Healthcare delivery organizations need guidance on how to set up and support users who may not know how to make sure their home networks and mobile phones are secure.

This session shares how network-connected medical devices outside the clinical environment are integrated and installed securely. Come to this session to explore the importance of patching and monitoring for indications of abnormal behavior that may indicate device failure or compromise.

Participants will learn:

• The similarities and differences between networkconnected medical devices in clinical settings versus residential environments
• The relative cybersecurity challenges and best practices throughout the lifecycle of remote devices

Workshop Leader

42tek - David Snyder

David Snyder

42TEK, Inc.