December 2019 | San Francisco


Connect Your Medical Devices with Patients and HCPs in a Secured and Compliant Manner

Enabling remote monitoring, more personalized diagnosis and treatments, better quality of care for HCPs – connectivity is inevitable in the medical devices and pharmaceuticals world. Echoed with this, the FDA has been open to supporting practitioners, yet also rapidly reviewing existing guidelines to ensure cybersecurity and compliance.

Building on the success of the inaugural event, this community will return to San Francisco in 2019 to discuss progresses, challenges and share solutions to overcome a number of problems:

  • How to navigate multiple regulatory frameworks across the US and beyond?
  • Best practices in patch management and interoperability
  • Handling of legacy medical devices and infrastructure
  • Rebuilding the ecosystem – from hospitals to device manufacturers to pharmaceuticals
  • Cybersecurity framework and risk mitigation strategy

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"Excellent conference with a diverse speaker panel that cover multiple aspects of combination products research and development!"

Previous Device Series Event Attendee - Pfizer

"The networking opportunity was fantastic. The meeting had a broad range of topics which interested a diverse panel of participants"

Previous Device Series Event Attendee - BD

“A very engaging, comprehensive and collaborative meeting!”

Previous Device Series Event Attendee - Merck

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