December 11-12 | San Francisco


With an expected market size of $29.2 billion by 2024, the connected device industry is growing at an alarming rate.

These technologies enable remote monitoring, more personalized diagnosis and treatments. While the FDA’s position has been encouraging, healthcare providers are conscious of pending stringent guidelines that will have undoubtable impact on this add-on feature, whereas drug and device developers are not used to the fast pace of technology innovation. It is clear that connectivity certainly casts doubts and risks in the cybersecurity and compliance world, particularly with patient data privacy.

Building on an already established Device Series, the inaugural Connected Devices: Cybersecurity & Compliance Summit 2018 will provide an unparalleled platform for industry stakeholders to share lessons learned, discuss common challenges and devise standard industry guidelines.

Join us for in-depth conversations with an expert community to:

  • Navigate the fast evolving regulatory landscape
  • Implement robust testing and risk management to safeguard cybersecurity
  • Enhance interoperability and interconnectivity and develop guidelines for adverse events and reporting
  • Assess key vendors in the market to foster partnerships
  • Put your patients’ safety at the forefront – aligning your connected platforms to their needs

Download the full event guide for more information.

"Excellent conference with a diverse speaker panel that cover multiple aspects of combination products research and development!"

Previous Device Series Event Attendee - Pfizer

"The networking opportunity was fantastic. The meeting had a broad range of topics which interested a diverse panel of participants"

Previous Device Series Event Attendee - BD

“A very engaging, comprehensive and collaborative meeting!”

Previous Device Series Event Attendee - Merck

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